OMG You’re one of those kind of people!?!?!

Inside looking out

Inside looking out

As I read various articles and delve deeper in to the lifestyle choices outside what the majority of the world consider normal, I have discovered that there is one thing that is prevalent among all of them, the feeling that we need to hide it from everyone.

I know for a several years I chose to hide my lifestyle from people because I was afraid of what they might think or what they might say or even possibly do. I hear all the time from various people, all because I choose not to hide the fact that I am a, here I go again with that word, A NUDIST.

“OMG you’re a pervert”
“Psst, don’t go around that man or let your kids anywhere near him because he doesn’t wear any clothes.”
“You mean you let your kids see you like that?”
“OMG You’re creepy, how could you let your family (wife, son, daughter) take those kinds of pictures of you?”
“Somebody needs to call the local children’s services on you!”
“Nobody wants to see that nasty stuff.”
“They will fire you if they find out.”
“You will never get a job”
“The bible says that is a sin and you’re going to hell.”

We all have our reasons for wanting to hide our chosen lifestyle/s but fear and shame seem to be the biggest reasons. What are your reasons for not being more confident, being proud of the lifestyle you have chosen and announcing to “your world”, I AM “insert lifestyle choice here!”?

I choose to no longer hide who or what I am so for the record, here is my announcement. My name is Moe and I am a nudist, bisexual, husband, father, son, brother, christian and a biker. I think the biggest thing I am is no longer afraid.

Exposed to the world

Exposed to the world

Thanks for taking the time to read my first serious attempt at writing something that really means something to me. Please bare (pun intended) with me while I learn to do this whole blogging and writing thing.



6 thoughts on “OMG You’re one of those kind of people!?!?!

  1. The simplist explanation for nudism is that the lifestyle is not about what you see, but the liberating freedom you feel in the absense of clothes.

    People who constantly live in their clothes like a strict religion often cannot comprehend that a person might be nude just to be free from the confines of clothes. They cannot comprehend that wearing clothes invokes a sensation of confinement because they never had the opportunity to know otherwise. It is like an alien fish under the ice of Ganymede (largest moon in the solar system, belonging to Jupiter), who never knew that an entire universe exists, because its sadly, permenantly trapped under the ice.

    But like the person living in there clothes, not knowing any different, the

    That, I believe is why people enjoy being nude.

  2. I think it’s a good and brave thing to be open about who you are, as long as you do it in a positive fashion. If everyone remains silent, or acts like they’re ashamed (even if they aren’t), that sends a message to people who don’t know anything about them that they have something to be ashamed of (even if they don’t).

    Also, it makes for more people who don’t know anything about you.

    There are probably lots of folks from various groups who can’t safely be open about it. I think that means that the rest of us, who _can_ safely be open and communicative have more of a reason to do so.

    So thanks, and congratulations on defeating fear with courage.

    • Coyote, I am not quite so sure it is a matter of “can’t be open about it” as it is won’t. In my opinion it still boils down to fear of the possible repercussions, fear of losing ones job, fear of ones family leaving, fear of being shunned by society, fear of getting assualted, and many other fears to long to list. Instead of standing up for what they believe, the continue to hide away in fear and shame. I am one of those people who believe that if you do not stand up and fight for whatever it is that you believe in and fight for who you are, then you have allowed the world system of things to win.

  3. What are naturists?

    1. They are people that look you in the eye when talking to you.
    2. They are people that have respect for people of all shapes and sizes.
    3. They are people that have respect for individuals regardless of their sex, race, religion, handicap, or physical appearance
    4. They are people that like you for being you and not what brand you wear.
    5. They are people that don’t make rude or sexual comments to you or about you.
    6. They are people that enjoy meeting the real you, not someone you pretend to be.
    7. They are people that come from all walks of life and professions.
    8. They are people that are friendlier than regular people.
    9. They are people that don’t think a nude body is a sexual statement.
    9. They are people that don’t like to wear clothes.
    In our natural states, we see that everybody is different and that difference is normal. Naturism helps to dispel the belief that society’s idealized male and female body types are the only types worth having.
    Is “naturist” so bad a label to wear that we fear what others, that don’t know what we stand for, will say?
    Now what naturist can’t stand up and say that they believe in this to their family, friends or co-workers?
    Maybe this will help explain it to others.

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