” Balanced Lifestyle “

Very insightful and well written. I had to remove the thumbnail because Facebook has some draconian rules about nonsexual nude puictures and the thumbnail has a picture of a person out hiking in the nude. I bet if it contained a picture of two clothed people passionately kissing with their hands down each others clothing it would be okay. Society, facebook and Google+, you my friends are screwed in the head.

The Naked Truth.........

DSC_0842 DSC_0846

So far in this blog, I’ve tried at times to define why naturism or nudism isn’t such a hot topic on the list of things to shoot down as being anti-social. I’ve also tried to make it as entertaining a read as I can, covering various topics such as camping, beaches, walking, as well as detailing our trips away and our days out. As with a lot of topics that aren’t seen as mainstream in today’s world, there is always so much beseeching or persuading you have to do, before you can revolutionize people’s opinion.


Those who argue the anti-nudity stance really do have draconian views on so many other important issues too. The people who run society, the judges, the police, the politicians and the civil servants do on the whole try to influence the laws, so in general any changes mirror their own views on certain subjects…

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