Tips for expanding your naked comfort zone

Naturist Philosopher

If you’re a full-fledged naturist who’s happy to go naked most of the time it’s possible and physically comfortable to do so, congratulations. You probably won’t find much here that’s useful, except to share with people you know who are curious about nudity but aren’t so comfortable with it.

Otherwise, as we’ve already discussed, there will probably be certain boundaries on your personal comfort zone for being naked. You may not always know explicitly what they are, but you’ll know when you come up against them. The best way to deal with those borders is to experiment until discovering them, and then make a conscious effort to go beyond them, even if you experience a little hesitation and uncertainty. Once you do cross over and find that the other side is no big deal, you’ll be ready to tackle the next one that’s out there.

Just remember that little tune

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Nudity in art galleries and museums – an opportunity for naturists?

Naturist Philosopher

Commercial art galleries very commonly sell photographs, paintings, and sculptures that depict nudity. Sometimes the art involves sexuality, and sometimes not. In either case, there is a large audience and large number of potential buyers for nude art. This has been true for centuries – certainly since ancient Greek and Roman times.[1]

Purchasers of nude art usually display their acquisitions proudly in their homes. These are not people who are squeamish about nudity, even if they do not participate in nude activities themselves, except perhaps very privately. Nude art often sells at impressive prices, at least when it is produced by established artists. Consequently, the percentage of the population that can afford quality art, whether it involves nudity or not, isn’t large. But, especially in large metropolitan areas, the potential market for quality nude art is not insignificant.

Most naturists have probably heard about art or photography galleries that…

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Why Nudist?

Q: I was raised to keep my ‘privates’ covered, how could I possibly let someone see me? A: Nudists don’t view the body as a thing of shame. We all learned body shame from somewhere, you know where you learned yours. Nudists are simply folks that have realized that we learned wrong. Our society equates skin with sex, sex with sin, and sin with evil. Nudists are better able to separate skin from sex. Isn’t it ironic that by covering only ‘private’ parts that those parts become the focus of attention, creating sexual (evil) thoughts? Even more ironic is that by uncovering those parts they lose their mystery and become just another part of a body.

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