Nudity in art galleries and museums – an opportunity for naturists?

Naturist Philosopher

Commercial art galleries very commonly sell photographs, paintings, and sculptures that depict nudity. Sometimes the art involves sexuality, and sometimes not. In either case, there is a large audience and large number of potential buyers for nude art. This has been true for centuries – certainly since ancient Greek and Roman times.[1]

Purchasers of nude art usually display their acquisitions proudly in their homes. These are not people who are squeamish about nudity, even if they do not participate in nude activities themselves, except perhaps very privately. Nude art often sells at impressive prices, at least when it is produced by established artists. Consequently, the percentage of the population that can afford quality art, whether it involves nudity or not, isn’t large. But, especially in large metropolitan areas, the potential market for quality nude art is not insignificant.

Most naturists have probably heard about art or photography galleries that…

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