Tips for expanding your naked comfort zone

Naturist Philosopher

If you’re a full-fledged naturist who’s happy to go naked most of the time it’s possible and physically comfortable to do so, congratulations. You probably won’t find much here that’s useful, except to share with people you know who are curious about nudity but aren’t so comfortable with it.

Otherwise, as we’ve already discussed, there will probably be certain boundaries on your personal comfort zone for being naked. You may not always know explicitly what they are, but you’ll know when you come up against them. The best way to deal with those borders is to experiment until discovering them, and then make a conscious effort to go beyond them, even if you experience a little hesitation and uncertainty. Once you do cross over and find that the other side is no big deal, you’ll be ready to tackle the next one that’s out there.

Just remember that little tune

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