The information content of nudity

Naturist Philosopher

I just dashed off a reply to a comment on the post about Clothing and metaclothing. It dealt with something that hadn’t specifically occurred to me before, yet seems like it might be a fertile way to think about the issue.

So I’ll elevate the reply to a post here. It’s based on the mathematical theory of information. But don’t be intimidated by the terminology. The idea is pretty easy to understand. As you’ll see, the information content of being naked can be much more than zero. Here’s what I wrote (with a few additions):

Nudity can be measured in terms of information content. In information theory, the information content of a message is the amount of “surprise” the message carries. For instance, if you wear the same type of clothing every day – same style and color, for example – there is no surprise, and hence essentially…

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