Arizona: Should business owners be allowed to refuse to serve religious people?

Jillian Page

From my Gazette blog . . .

It seems absurd that the question of whether religious people should be allowed to discriminate against gay people would be left to one person to decide. But that is the situation Arizona governor Jan Brewer finds herself faced with this week as she decides whether to veto an anti-gay bill that would allow business owners to refuse to serve gay people. (See Globe and Mail report.)

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Naked at home

Happy Bare

A lot of people think nothing about being nude around their own homes.  They go inside after a long day at work, strip down, relax, and forget about the stresses of the world outside their front door. Some of those people extend their nude time to their backyard, pool, or hot tub. And there’s nothing sexual about it. It’s just a matter of being comfortable and free of constricting clothing.

These people are home nudists.  Despite the porn industry’s fantasy that nudists are all about sex, we are not.  We believe that there is nothing inherently sexual about the nude human body. Sometimes you just want to take off your clothes because you are more comfortable that way. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, gardening, doing housework, sleeping, or just sitting around watching TV, you just feel more comfortable doing it without clothes.

If you are a home nudist, consider visiting a…

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What’s holding naturism back?

Naturist Philosopher

Now that we have a fairly long list of obvious problems facing people who enjoy social nudity, it’s time to try to figure out what are the main underlying causes for the problems. Only after carefully considering the possible causes will it be reasonable to try finding solutions for the problems.

Identifying the “causes” is not an easy process. Although there are many “usual suspects”, establishing causality is a difficult task. This is because we are dealing with human societies and human psychology, both of which are very complex. Sigmund Freud and many other astute psychologists have tried to identify the most basic causes that shape human personality. In Freud’s case that involved making hypotheses about how the psyche is structured (“ego”, “id”, “superego”) and then trying to trace how these structures were formed (often in childhood experiences related to sexuality). Freud’s hypotheses have not proven to lead to reliably…

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Barefooting and Nudism – A Perfect and Natural Connection

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Featured. Image By Gisele Porcaro from Bras’edlia, Brasil CC 2.0

Have you ever asked yourself about a connection between a barefoot and a nudist lifestyle?

I have thought about the connection between these two lifestyles as I consider myself being a barefooter and a nudist.

A brief history of my barefoot and nudist “career”:

When I was a child, my friends (male and female) and I used to play in the forest and on the playground. Sometimes, we were all naked during this time. Most of us were barefoot, too. Nobody was ashamed  about the other one’s nudity at that time. It just felt nice and you didn’t get your clothes dirty. We used to do this until we went to high school. Then, with the puberty, most of us were ashamed about nudity in front of others. I was not. We were still barefoot whenever possible but the majority…

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Nudism/Naturism: Visible minorities

Jillian Page

I’ve never really given much thought to visible minorities  in social nudism settings because, well, I’ve never really thought of  anyone as being part of a visible minority in any walk of life, unless it had something to do with an article I was handling for the paper. I have always been colour-blind when it comes to people, i.e. race and colour have always been irrelevant to me — I don’t see someone walking down the street and think “visible minority.” I’ve always felt all people are created equal — even though I know that in some countries, bigotry thrives. At social nudism events I’ve attended, there are people who could be defined as members of a visible minority, but the label never crossed my mind when I saw them.

Still, for people who do identify as being part of visible minorities, social nudism/naturism may be seen by them as…

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