United We Stand, Divided We Stand

Go ahead, continue siting on you duffs minding your own business as the author of this particular blogger does and our lifestyle will become completely illegal as it is in Arkansas where if you are nude in your own home and someone peeks through your closed curtains sees you, they can call the police and have you arrested. YOU WIN NOTHING BY DOING NOTHING!!! I personally believe we need to fight for our rights to be nude and make it a clothing optional world.

“There are two factions to the naturist community as there are in most societies today. The militants who want to protest, fight for our rights and live active nudist lifestyles (and let’s face it we need people like them to fly the flag) and then there are others like me who just want to be able to sit on a beach and mind their own business.”

Naked Imp

I read an interesting article from homeclothesfree today about why the naturist community is failing. The article (A House Divided Cannot Stand – What’s Happening To The Clothes Free Community) sought to explain the reason for the struggle to make naturism a more recognised and accepted pastime / lifestyle. That within the community itself there were a number of issues which needed to be addressed if the clothes free community wanted to stand together as a force to be reckoned with.

Within the article a number of issues were raised including attitudes of non religious nudists/naturists towards religion, organizations and clubs challenging the credibility of other groups, families and couples hostility towards singles, female naturist intimidation, bloggers undermining others and bad mouthing to get attention and gay and lesbian acceptance into the naturist community. There were many other examples which you can find in the article linked above.

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