Barefooting and Nudism – A Perfect and Natural Connection

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Featured. Image By Gisele Porcaro from Bras’edlia, Brasil CC 2.0

Have you ever asked yourself about a connection between a barefoot and a nudist lifestyle?

I have thought about the connection between these two lifestyles as I consider myself being a barefooter and a nudist.

A brief history of my barefoot and nudist “career”:

When I was a child, my friends (male and female) and I used to play in the forest and on the playground. Sometimes, we were all naked during this time. Most of us were barefoot, too. Nobody was ashamed  about the other one’s nudity at that time. It just felt nice and you didn’t get your clothes dirty. We used to do this until we went to high school. Then, with the puberty, most of us were ashamed about nudity in front of others. I was not. We were still barefoot whenever possible but the majority…

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