Naked at home

Happy Bare

A lot of people think nothing about being nude around their own homes.  They go inside after a long day at work, strip down, relax, and forget about the stresses of the world outside their front door. Some of those people extend their nude time to their backyard, pool, or hot tub. And there’s nothing sexual about it. It’s just a matter of being comfortable and free of constricting clothing.

These people are home nudists.  Despite the porn industry’s fantasy that nudists are all about sex, we are not.  We believe that there is nothing inherently sexual about the nude human body. Sometimes you just want to take off your clothes because you are more comfortable that way. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, gardening, doing housework, sleeping, or just sitting around watching TV, you just feel more comfortable doing it without clothes.

If you are a home nudist, consider visiting a…

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