What’s holding naturism back?

Naturist Philosopher

Now that we have a fairly long list of obvious problems facing people who enjoy social nudity, it’s time to try to figure out what are the main underlying causes for the problems. Only after carefully considering the possible causes will it be reasonable to try finding solutions for the problems.

Identifying the “causes” is not an easy process. Although there are many “usual suspects”, establishing causality is a difficult task. This is because we are dealing with human societies and human psychology, both of which are very complex. Sigmund Freud and many other astute psychologists have tried to identify the most basic causes that shape human personality. In Freud’s case that involved making hypotheses about how the psyche is structured (“ego”, “id”, “superego”) and then trying to trace how these structures were formed (often in childhood experiences related to sexuality). Freud’s hypotheses have not proven to lead to reliably…

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