Solving naturism’s problems, part 1: research

Naturist Philosopher

Recently we’ve been looking at some of the most serious problems facing people who enjoy social nudity and some possible fundamental causes of these problems. In a nutshell, the two most salient causes in the U. S. and perhaps elsewhere seem to be the linked situations of the weakness of national naturist organizations and the relative apathy of the community they supposedly serve.

We’ve been proceeding systematically, using fairly standard techniques of creative problem solving. The first steps were to recognize that problems exist, to identify the main problems, to try to understand their causes, and to accept the challenge of finding solutions for the problems. There’s no strong claim that the analysis so far is mostly correct. The community as a whole is going to have to judge that.

But in order to proceed further, we’ll assume the analysis so far is at least reasonable. Given that, we’re…

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