” Hippie Culture “

The Naked Truth.........

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Whether you believe naturism/social nudity has a uniquely true historical background or not, looing back you can find historical references to it or examples of it, in various eras over the past 150 years. Whether it was a lifestyle born in Germany in the latter part of the nineteenth century or whether it was crystallised through the Tolstoyan movement around about the same time. As time moves on attitudes relax and what was once frown upon suddenly seems normal and just a part of life. Attitudes changed through the 1960’s and cultures sprang up offering new ideas and new ways of living life.One such era was the 1960’s hippie culture and in this post i look at the culture that lead to many things good and bad, but which also at times for some people lead to a clothes free existence.

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The hippie (or hippy) subculture was originally a…

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