Showers and Growers

Naked Imp

The onset of winter heralds a prelonged withdrawal from naturist activities for me. I loathe the cold and despite central heating spend the winter months swathed in layers praying for spring or cowering in the hot tub. But spring has come early this year and the glorious sun of recent weeks has encouraged me to examine my summer wardrobe and dispense with my winter layers. These are exciting times.

This year I have decided to dispense with the razor. I have not downed my epilator (and never will) but I have become bored of shaving my nether regions. It’s not that I am particularly okay with displaying ‘bush’ again. I love that first day smoothness. But after that it’s all spikey and uncomfortable. So I’m trying to go for a happy medium that is tidy but doesn’t require a haircut every time I take a shower.

Even so, I’m not…

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Solving naturism’s problems, part 2: goals

Naturist Philosopher


There are various ways to think of naturism’s situation right now. Some are more useful than others, but it’s still worthwhile to approach the situation from more than one direction. So far, we have discussed underlying problems and possible causes of these problems. (Previous relevant posts: here) Now we are going to get into a discussion of reasonable goals for naturism. It’s very important to state what our goals are, since otherwise it’s very hard to come up with effective strategies for reaching any goals. By thinking in terms of goals, we realize that we’re probably going to have to do things differently than we’ve done in the past.

to reach a goal (sm)

But let’s think a little more about problems first. In particular, does naturism have one big problem, or a number of smaller problems? The truth is that most of life’s major problems are just too big and unwieldy to deal…

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A Sun-Bath-Nakedness – Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

Happy Bare

Image Walt Whitman’s Birthday Suit by Thomas Eakins, 1885

Walt Whitman (1819-1892). Prose Works. 1892. I. Specimen Days 133. A Sun-Bath-Nakedness

Sunday, Aug. 27. Another day quite free from mark’d prostration and pain. It seems indeed as if peace and nutriment from heaven subtly filter into me as I slowly hobble down these country lanes and across fields, in the good air as I sit here in solitude with Nature open, voiceless, mystic, far removed, yet palpable, eloquent Nature. I merge myself in the scene, in the perfect day. Hovering over the clear brook-water, I am sooth’d by its soft gurgle in one place, and the hoarser murmurs of its three-foot fall in another. Come, ye disconsolate, in whom any latent eligibility is left—come get the sure virtues of creek-shore, and wood and field. Two months (July and August, ’77,) have I absorb’d them, and they begin to make a new man…

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Here’s a naturist organization that “gets it”

Naturist Philosopher

The Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) is the national naturist organization of Canada ? the only one. While browsing around I found an interesting recent statement from the FCN’s President, Karen Grant.

Among other things, the FCN has published a very good quarterly magazine, which has been easily the equal of N from TNS. (AANR publishes a monthly tabloid newspaper, but nothing that would really interest non-member naturists.)

In her statement, Karen Grant raises the possibility of moving their magazine to a digital format. The rationale would be similar to what applies to magazines on almost any topic currently published on paper. For instance: significantly less expense to produce and distribute, ease of access online with personal and/or tablet computers, greatly reduced burden on readers of keeping back issues, and so forth. Many magazines and newspapers that have been around for decades, such as The Christian Science Monitor and Newsweek

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” Family Orientated Paradise ”

The Naked Truth.........


After months of intolerable wet weather the sun finally began to shine on us again for a few days this week and actually reached a peak of 17c on Saturday & Sunday. It was very strange and a case of “we’ll what shall we do now”. Unfortunately it was slightly cooler on the coast so the beach was out of the question, it was also a case of the countryside was too wet to go for a naked ramble, so instead we donned our wellies and went over to Arcadians and joined the others at the monthly work party. It wasn’t the first time I’d been there this year or even that week as I’d popped over in February to see the state of the waterlogged grounds.


Then earlier in the week I’d gone over to start refreshing the shower room with a lick of paint to cover up the scuff marks…

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Nudism/Naturism: The newbies

I think there is a huge amount of truth to the first paragraph.

“There’s something to be said for meeting people for the first time in a social nudism setting. It puts lie — in part, at least — to the old saying about the importance of first impressions, because those impressions usually involve textiles as well as manners and presentation. But in a swimming pool and hot tub setting, the first impressions are really about language and eye contact — and vibes.”

Jillian Page

There’s something to be said for meeting people for the first time in a social nudism setting. It puts lie — in part, at least — to the old saying about the importance of first impressions, because those impressions usually involve textiles as well as manners and presentation.

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Why are we naked?

I wholeheartedly agree with this “Our bodies are very effective at moderating temperature, we adjust to heat by sweating, to cold by shivering to keep warm, the hair on our heads is to protect us from the sun and the cold, but are bodies are meant to be naked.” “…Clothing, no matter how little masks all this and disguises the sensation of touch.”

Happy Bare

6a0105364a8fba970c016768f5fc26970b-800wi If we were like the other 99.9% of mammals, we would have been born with fur. According to scientific theory we hominids have been hairless for at least 1.2 million years. Clothing is much more recent development, the earliest evidence for hide scraping, hides being the most primitive clothing, goes back just some 300,000 years. Nakedness seems to have come about the same time as we learned to make and use fire. Maybe (this is in jest) we lost our fur so we would not catch on fire if we sat too close to the flames.

There are lots of theories as to why we lost our fur, the two most commonly accepted are to reduce the parasite load that fur bearing animal carry and secondly to aid in our ability to hunt larger animals. Humans are not only one of the few mammals that are naked, but also one…

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