Nude is not Lewd

Just Bare With Us

It has recently been brought to my attention via my husband that some mutual Twitter followers have deleted other nudist/naturists for Tweeting photos that show too much breast/vagina/penis/ass. Their reasoning is their concern that these posts are encouraging the common misconception that a nude body is sexual.

But why?

These body parts are no different than any other body part. An eye is an eye is a nipple. I have heard it said that some people should put more thought into body position before taking a photograph of themselves in the nude. Because if the vagina is open or too much penis is showing they will be blocked.

Nude is not lewd.

I can think of a hundred scenarios where the vagina can be openly displayed in a non sexual way, and that’s in just one day! And I assure you, my husband and son do not have censor pixels…

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New Orleans’ Inn Perfect for Couples Who Want Romance and Clothing Optional Pool

Clothing Optional Trips

The clothing optional pool at the Green House Inn, New Orleans. The clothing optional pool at the Green House Inn, New Orleans.

Most couples experience their first nude or clothing optional setting on vacation. It might be a beach like Orient Beach on St. Maarten or a nude inn like the Terra Cotta Inn located in Palm Springs. Both are wonderful experiences and perfect for the couple who is looking for a nude or clothing optional vacation.

So what if you and your spouse want to try a nude experience but not sure you’re ready to jump all in and be naked, 24/7? I highly recommend a more laid back, bare as much as you dare experience like the one my wife and I had at Green House Inn located in New Orleans.

I would highly recommend the Green House Inn to anyone going to New Orleans looking for a very comfortable B&B near all the main sites in the city. The rooms are very…

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” Cabin,Chalet,Shed “

The Naked Truth.........

DSC_1768   DSC_1575

It’s been a while since my last post but even though I’ve been away, it doesn’t mean I’ve been neglecting things especially when in comes to all things naturist. In my March post “Family Orientated Paradise” I mentioned Arcadians and it is here we’ve spent a lot of the time either working or spending the occasional day lazing around in the sun. The weather has finally relented and for about the last six weeks we’ve had prolonged spells of normally dry weather. I mentioned that I’d started work on redecorating the shower room and this I completed before going on to the toilet block, both are now finished and look much better than they did earlier on in the year. As with most members clubs in the UK ,the members are asked to volunteer to help maintain the grounds at work parties and this we did.

DSC_1744 DSC_1740

In March…

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Christian Naturism

the sl naturist

A birth is a birth, but a death….?

While not being a practicing Christian of any denomination, I’ve been brought up in a nominally Christian country, so I suppose that’s what is familiar to me. I work on the basis that I’m happy for you to practice your faith, free from any restrictions, whatever that faith may be….Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist…whatever…but equally you’re not free to shove your ideals down my throat. And you shouldn’t be free to legislate where your beliefs inform the framework wherein you write laws. Therein lies bad government, particularly in a multi-cultural world.

I’m not going to expand on this much further, other than to say that I’m free to make my own choices, and I really don’t warm to the idea of countries being led by religious leaders, or this constant harping on about ‘peace and love and tolerance’  while simultaneously starting wars for…

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