Every Body is Beautiful

Just Bare With Us


Beauty isn’t measured by the size of your jeans, or the complexion of your skin. Everybody is not beautiful, and every body is beautiful. I was watching NAKED AND AFRAID with my husband, when a friend said she didn’t understand why anyone would want to be naked on television if they have nothing to show. “I don’t want to see that if you don’t have a good-looking body.” This actually really bothered me. I’m not a cute girl. I’m too heavy, too pale and don’t put enough effort into my appearance to up play my looks, which are decent enough. But why should that prevent me from doing things I want, or wearing what I want? Why does that mean I shouldn’t be allowed to be naked in front of people? My husband thinks I’m pretty, but others don’t. I know most people think that ‘ beauty is in the…

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