Nude is not Lewd

Just Bare With Us

It has recently been brought to my attention via my husband that some mutual Twitter followers have deleted other nudist/naturists for Tweeting photos that show too much breast/vagina/penis/ass. Their reasoning is their concern that these posts are encouraging the common misconception that a nude body is sexual.

But why?

These body parts are no different than any other body part. An eye is an eye is a nipple. I have heard it said that some people should put more thought into body position before taking a photograph of themselves in the nude. Because if the vagina is open or too much penis is showing they will be blocked.

Nude is not lewd.

I can think of a hundred scenarios where the vagina can be openly displayed in a non sexual way, and that’s in just one day! And I assure you, my husband and son do not have censor pixels…

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