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It’s been a while since my last post but even though I’ve been away, it doesn’t mean I’ve been neglecting things especially when in comes to all things naturist. In my March post “Family Orientated Paradise” I mentioned Arcadians and it is here we’ve spent a lot of the time either working or spending the occasional day lazing around in the sun. The weather has finally relented and for about the last six weeks we’ve had prolonged spells of normally dry weather. I mentioned that I’d started work on redecorating the shower room and this I completed before going on to the toilet block, both are now finished and look much better than they did earlier on in the year. As with most members clubs in the UK ,the members are asked to volunteer to help maintain the grounds at work parties and this we did.

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In March…

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Christian Naturism

the sl naturist

A birth is a birth, but a death….?

While not being a practicing Christian of any denomination, I’ve been brought up in a nominally Christian country, so I suppose that’s what is familiar to me. I work on the basis that I’m happy for you to practice your faith, free from any restrictions, whatever that faith may be….Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist…whatever…but equally you’re not free to shove your ideals down my throat. And you shouldn’t be free to legislate where your beliefs inform the framework wherein you write laws. Therein lies bad government, particularly in a multi-cultural world.

I’m not going to expand on this much further, other than to say that I’m free to make my own choices, and I really don’t warm to the idea of countries being led by religious leaders, or this constant harping on about ‘peace and love and tolerance’  while simultaneously starting wars for…

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Every Body is Beautiful

Just Bare With Us


Beauty isn’t measured by the size of your jeans, or the complexion of your skin. Everybody is not beautiful, and every body is beautiful. I was watching NAKED AND AFRAID with my husband, when a friend said she didn’t understand why anyone would want to be naked on television if they have nothing to show. “I don’t want to see that if you don’t have a good-looking body.” This actually really bothered me. I’m not a cute girl. I’m too heavy, too pale and don’t put enough effort into my appearance to up play my looks, which are decent enough. But why should that prevent me from doing things I want, or wearing what I want? Why does that mean I shouldn’t be allowed to be naked in front of people? My husband thinks I’m pretty, but others don’t. I know most people think that ‘ beauty is in the…

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This post deals with the public display of the naked human body. Clicking on any of the links below could subject you to images of the natural unclothed human form. If you are under 18 or if this might offend you in any way, please refrain from clicking on any of the links below.

As I review this post one final time for spelling and grammar, I am struck by insanity of the warning statement above, no, not the statement itself, but the actual need to issue such a disclaimer in our so-called modern and enlightened society. It is sad that there are people who feel that to gaze upon the human body is shameful or sinful or wicked or evil and it is outrageous that we have put in place laws to protect ourselves from it. In many ways the ancients were more in touch with their humanity…

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