The Foot Film


I imagine most barefooters have heard about “The Foot Film”. It is project attempting to make an independent film documentary about humans’ relationship between shoes and going barefoot.

It’s Indiegogo campaign has only 10 days left, so this is a reminder to go there and donate to help this film become a reality.

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Where Are The Naturist Females?


Although I’ve been a naturist since my late teens, most of my naturist activities were either on naturist holidays or at home.  However 2 years ago I presented myself in public to promote naturism/acceptance of nudity and tried to find other females to join me only to find that although there are plenty of naturist men in the public domain & on social media, the females are very hard to find.  I have been asked the question “Why are there not more females into naturism in the UK?” quite a number of times, so I decided to give it some thought and write something to let you ponder over! So this post is about what I believe might be the reasons for this imbalance.

I do not claim to be an expert but being a female I feel I can shed some light on this.  There are some people who have deeper understanding…

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