Finding naturist friends

Naturist Philosopher

One of the main hurdles many newbie naturists have to surmount is: how to find compatible people to be friends with who are also naturists themselves ? or potential naturists.

For people with good to great social skills, this may not be a problem. Or perhaps even in that case it is, because there aren’t that many people in our society who have a favorable opinion of nonsexual social nudity. And of those who do, many are afraid to be open about it, for a variety of reasons. So it can be risky at times to approach people you already know ? relatives, friends, or acquaintances ? with the idea of sharing an interest in naturism.

This process is somewhat easier online, because there are things like Facebook, Twitter, and other online things (friend-finder sites, naturist-friendly social networks, blogs, discussion forums, mailing lists, etc.) where long-time and newbie naturists gather…

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