Bare Misconceptions

Just Bare With Us

Since entering the lifestyle of the nude and the naked, I have stumbled across many misconceptions about nudism that I’m sure everyone is aware of.

Nudism is sexy.
Yeah, not even. The point of the nudist/naturist lifestyle is that people can enjoy the freedom and lack of restraint found with shedding off outer layers in a purely non recreational, often spiritual way.

Nudist resorts are sex playgrounds.
Kind of defeats the family atmosphere. Of course, things like erections happen. Chemicals and hormones and jazz. Some men get nervous erections. Others get sleepy ones. Penises are weird like that. But the chances of a sexual erection? Low. In fact, it’s not likely to even see any sort of sexual activity, much less physical evidence.

Nudists are perverts.
No one is looking at you. Lets just leave that at that.

Children can’t be nudists.
I have never seen a sign that said…

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