Shades of Grey

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

MK003Several of you have commented on the antique cameras you’ve seen in some of our photos. We thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures we’ve taken with those cameras, in glorious black-and-white.


Also, some we’ve shot with modern-day equipment, but still eschewing color for a classical look.

Eat your heart out, Ansel Adams.


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3 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

  1. Oh, just more pictures of pretty, naked young women. *yawn* Those are easily found on Google without pretending that they’re somehow related to mainstream social nudism. Pardon us if we return to the world of social nudism, and remove this site from our RSS feed and sharing. We thought it was about nudism/naturism.

    • If you paid attention to this site at all you would see that it is about naturism/nudism. In reference to the pictures of the “pretty, naked young women” I believe it is more about women pushing the norm and going topless in situations which are not normal for most people. Please get over yourselves and start paying more attention. Thanks

      • Touchy! ‘Women pushing the norm’ is a different topic than nudism/naturism, and these photos aren’t even that. Posed pretties, that’s all. This site may be largely naturist-oriented, but these photos are merely cheesecake and to present them as representative of naturism is misleading and inappropriate.

        That’s fine for those who enjoy skin-pics, but it is unrelated to nudism/naturism. The inability to distinguish the difference is common among those with an interest in female nudes, and confusing to newcomers to social nudism who have been told that staring at naked people isn’t part of our lifestyle.

        It is for that reason that we cannot direct newcomers here to learn about mainstream social nudism; you yourself can’t tell cheesecake from naturist, so how will they?

        It’s nothing personal, but we have very high standards and not everyone makes the cut, no matter how sincere they may be. But don’t worry, those Googling ‘naturist women’ or ‘topless girls’ will find this site, no problem. They just won’t come here from us.

        Please understand that you create your ‘brand’ and are known by what you publish. You have little original content here, just items shared from the creators. What you share defines you and your ideas of what social nudism entails.

        All-Nudist has chosen to be seen as a source for legitimate information, not photos of naked women. That’s not our niche, but it may work well for you. No offense intended, just strongly phrased honest opinion.

        We wish you luck; you’re certainly not harmful, just not what we consider to be a ‘safe’ place to send those new to the idea of nudism and still trying to get a clear picture of what it’s all about. Sharing photos of naked women is primarily a textile pastime and not part of naturist philosophy. We can’t promote those who believe it is, there are plenty of good websites that don’t.

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