So here’s something that gripes me a bit. I hope I don’t step on anyone’s toes, or other parts! Here’s the thing. Why is it that guys seem to think that when they take a picture of themselves, they have to have the schlong profile?


When women share their picture, it is usually something nice. It might be them walking in the woods or in a field. We don’t have spread-eagle genitalia shots. That is usually for a different kind of website!

Here’s a picture of us.

no schlong Just happy people.

Guys, on the other hand, seem to feel the need to prove that they have not been emasculated. In fact, sometimes we even get to see that said appendage is functional, or at least partly so.

Now I have no problem with the human body. I can view male and female forms in a nudist club, a private gathering, or…

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‘Women Complicate Things’ for Naked Yoga in Boston.

Naked Yoga Alliance

I celebrate my naked woman's body in yoga I celebrate my naked woman’s body in yoga

My Feathers are ruffled and my inner women’s rights activist is pissed.

I was politely added to the skycald naked yoga group in Boston per my request and then told I would not be able to participate in classes because of my woman’s body, meaning I have a vulva. I was told by the instructor ‘women “complicate” things.’ What I am hearing in that is that, we can’t be bothered to evolve our facilitation skills to hold space for a mix gendered group. The group write up prides itself on being naturist based with naturist values and to not have a focus on sex or a sexual experience. It is a listed as a group for ‘people’ not just men who practice naked yoga. At least be transparent that you’re a men’s group.

A couple of things come up for me in…

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One-hundred Naked Places… North America

The Meandering Naturist

100 places to get naked before you die


I have been meaning to create this list for a very long time, but it’s actually a very complex endeavor.  The very things that we may be looking for in a naturist destination are exactly the things the next person will find to be a deal breaker.  And how do you organize the list?  Put all your favorites at the top?  (Nobody will ever click through to the last page!)  Organize by region?  (France has hundreds of possibilities, while the entirety of Asia has two or three.)

It is worth noting that we began our naturist explorations in France at a time when we were wanting to find a comfortable place for a family naturist vacation with three (then) pre-adolescent children.  (You can read more about that here.)  That said, my list of naked places in North…

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Bare Misconceptions

Just Bare With Us

Since entering the lifestyle of the nude and the naked, I have stumbled across many misconceptions about nudism that I’m sure everyone is aware of.

Nudism is sexy.
Yeah, not even. The point of the nudist/naturist lifestyle is that people can enjoy the freedom and lack of restraint found with shedding off outer layers in a purely non recreational, often spiritual way.

Nudist resorts are sex playgrounds.
Kind of defeats the family atmosphere. Of course, things like erections happen. Chemicals and hormones and jazz. Some men get nervous erections. Others get sleepy ones. Penises are weird like that. But the chances of a sexual erection? Low. In fact, it’s not likely to even see any sort of sexual activity, much less physical evidence.

Nudists are perverts.
No one is looking at you. Lets just leave that at that.

Children can’t be nudists.
I have never seen a sign that said…

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Twisting the Truth

The problem with the “moral requirement for clothes“, is that customs of dress DO NOT shield us against sexual temptation. The opposite is more often true in reality. What is lightly-covered is often more tempting than that which is readily viewable. What is readily-viewable loses it novelty, and thus its temptation.

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