Dirty Little Secret

As long as we continue to hide our “dirty little secret” society at large will vilify it. It is better to be completely open and have no secrets because “secrets” force people to use their imagination about what you are attempting to hide and their imagination is usually wrong. Time to take a risk, open up about who and what you are and teach society the error of their thoughts and ways. Will you get ridiculed, harassed, and accused of all sorts of horrible things that are not true? Yes, all these things are indeed possible, but how is society ever going to learn and possibly understand if we continue to hide and fail at attempting to educate them. Think about it and think it through. How long are you going to allow the fear rule you? How long are you going to allow discriminatory laws to be created and enacted to prevent someone from being offended?

Are you one of those who believe that our lifestyle is immoral and wrong or should be kept hidden in private? Please explain why you feel or believe the way you do and give us the chance to educate you.Image

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