” Vive la France “

The Naked Truth.........


After a disappointing weekend last weekend, this weekend was a different kettle of fish, despite a tad of inclemency in the weather. This weekend was ‘French Weekend’ at Arcadians, which meant a weekend of pétanque, good food, a little wine and plenty of good company. The weather had its inevitable say too, but luckily the sun shone brightly during the day, to be replace by heavy rains and thunderstorms in the evening once we’d moved indoors. Indoors there was an excellent buffet and also good entertainment from DJ David Wayne. On the pétanque front, our fortunes were mixed winning as many as we lost on the bumpy main lawn, but all in all I was happy with my game which included many excellent shots.


France as a country has a wonderful culture which like the British, has many diversities due to the country’s  colonial days. France has been a…

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On being a nudist

The Bansheguy Screams

Its after 3 in the morning, but I don’t feel like sleeping. And for whatever reason, I thought of writing about this.

Many people have seen my often-used avatar pic, specially on Facebook, and probably noticed that I am sitting there shirtless. I wasn’t shirtless, I was nude. Any time its warm enough, its my normal state of “dress”, unless I am going outside, or not at home.

Some have the idea that nudism, or naturism as some call it, is about sex. Its not. I like to put it this way: Most people have gone barefoot at times. Many do it as often as they can around their home. Why? Is it about sex? No, of course not. They do it simply because it feels good. Well, think of nudism as going barefoot, ALL OVER! Its about feeling the world as nature intended us to feel it, and most…

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Nude at 100 Paces

The Meandering Naturist

[Not to be confused with my post on 100 Naked Places!]

So a few weeks ago, while staying at Vera Playa, we decided to exploit a particularly lovely morning with a leisurely walk down the beach. Having done my homework before departure for this, our first visit to this famous naturist town on the Andalusia coast, (you can read that report here) I had a pretty good sense of the general layout of the authorized naturist zones, as compared to the nudity tolerated zones, well delineated on the most excellent map on the Vera Playa friends webpage where the color fades away to indicate, “You have now left naturist wonderland! Have a nice day!”

Playing 100 paces at Vera Playa Playing 100 paces at Vera Playa

Of course, I didn’t bother to print out the map before heading off to Spain, and it seemed less than practical to lug along my MacBook as…

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Check in :)

Project Naked

I am one half of the coordinators for Project Naked, and I am overwhelmed and honoured from the response we have had with the project. I wanted to write a few words as to what we are about and my thoughts on the project. At first it was just for myself but I have decided to share it.

We have created this platform to empower women to think and talk about their bodies. We are surrounded by things/the media that tell us we are not good enough, not slim enough, not sleek enough, that our pores are too big or our skin is too blotchy, or our cellulite is disgusting. Never directly though. They are sly, they say you are beautiful IF.

We say you are what you are, celebrate it, appreciate it, love it.

Not that it’s easy.

I struggle all the time, even having done this project for…

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