” Sunny at Dawn “

The Naked Truth.........

DSC_2063DSC_2054  IMAG1066

Our tent had its first airing in almost year this weekend, as we made the trip around the M25 into Buckinghamshire, for Diogenes Friends & Family day last Sunday. This turned out to be our second visit to the same event, having been invited to the very same event this time last year. This year it was even more of an honour as we’d been invited by two different people Emma and Andy. Friday eventually came around and after dropping Ginny off at work, I headed over to Greenglades to collect a few things and to sort out some club affairs. Once that was done, I picked her up in our camping van (please note its a camping van, with camping gear in it and not a camper van..lol) and we headed off for the weekend.

 DSC_2057  DSC_2052

In previous years, we’ve managed to leave at around 3pm as Ginny…

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