” Outdated Attitudes “

The Naked Truth.........


The weather has been rotten for the last two days and during this time events and conversations have made me wonder if, attitudes have ever really changed in certain countries or whether once again we are just fooling ourselves. Over the years and definitely since the 1960’s attitudes in many areas of life have changed tremendously, especially with regards to race, sexuality and the balance between the two sexes. When it comes to genuine attitudes around the world things have moved on but in the UK and America especially, attitude are still on the whole still very ‘Victorian’.


In France, Germany, Spain and many other European countries the attitudes to life and naturism especially is very live and let live, where here in the UK and in America is very hush hush, don’t tell anyone, hide it away and the urge to control things comes from the powers that be.

What is…

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“Over and Gone “

The Naked Truth.........


Monday came and suddenly our holiday was over,typically the sun was out and shining brightly,although it has to be said that the north wind was still blowing,so it wasn’t exactly hot. With new gear to put away ,as we packed the van, we had too organise in such away that we got it all in and with a bit of juggling it all fitted. I went to the office returned the gate pass key said how much we’d enjoyed ourselves despite the weather then returned to the van.On the way home we visited Diss and Thetford in the hope we could find a nice pub in a nice town,unfortunately both were very disappointing and we ended up at a McDonalds on a retail park in Thetford.


After a period in slowing moving traffic and another 90 minutes of time we were back at home.
Naturist Camping in poor weather…

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Naturism in the big city | The Naturist Page

I am saddened by your life experience as a naturist but alas I can relate and your laws are really not much different from our own.

The Naturist Page

It’s not as easy to grow up being a Naturist in the big city of Montreal; especially when you don’t own a car to get around to all the good spots that are harder to get to without a car. Not to mention city officials ticketing you for being human.


Growing up in Montreal as a Naturist has been a juggle for me. always having to find some way and somewhere just to either skinny-dip, sunbathe, read a book or simply living in your own house clothes-free. their isn’t many places in the area of Montreal to secretly do these things when you are always worried someone sees you and wants to report you. I’ve done many things as such. I’ve found ways to get on to some roofs of apartment buildings and spend a few hours sunbathing and reading a book with a big jug of water and sunglasses…

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Nudism/Naturism: Full-time or part-time?

I am a full time nudist at heart because I absolutely detest having to wear clothing at all and if I was afforded the opportunity to “chuck the clothes” I would and would be perfectly content.

Jillian Page

This would be an issues post, which will end up in the master list of nudism/naturism entries here.

A journalist asked me a question recently, something like this: Are you full-time nudist/naturist at heart, or part-time?

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