” Rain or Shine “

The Naked Truth.........

photo 4HJHB-Campfire-Cooking

With the summer holiday season upon us the inevitable question is where do we go for our summer holiday ? With us its never too much of a poser as we only get a few days away, while the boys see their father. In 2011 we went to St.Anne’s Cottage in Dorset for eight days and it rained. In 2012 we headed to Merryhill (below) in Norfolk for 4 days and if memory serves me right it stayed dry. Last year we headed to a music festival so this year it was time to decide what new naturist venue should try out for 2014.

Merryhill 5  Merryhill 2

Broadlands Sun Club near Norwich has won the race this year, but as I sit here on Wednesday morning ahead of us leaving bright and early on Thursday morning it’s done nothing but rain all night. Worse weather maybe heading this way too this weekend as Tropical…

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