My Clothesfree Life: Living Outside the Mainstream

My Clothesfree Life

So, here I am reading all these other stories of folks in their different walks of life. Some are straight, some are gay. I’m a nudist. I think that I live an alternative lifestyle as much or more than gays and lesbians do. I’m certainly misunderstood more than they are. They see themselves as normal fine citizens who happen to love someone who is of the same gender. And…… Why….is….that….wrong? Outside of the mainstream ideal perhaps. But, they are real and genuine. So am I. I’m straight. I am not homosexual or homophobic. But I do live an alternative lifestyle by identifying and openly calling and identifying myself as a nudist. This is something I think I was born to be. There are some folks with nudist tendencies, that prefer a more sexual/sensual existence as a “swinger” or “life-styler”.

I personally, prefer the family-friendly PG-13 rated type of nudist existence…

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Plus sized midnight skinnydipping

the sl naturist

One observation from last week was the presence of a couple who didn’t appear to use the pool by day and would leave it almost to the stroke of midnight before emerging to take a ‘cover of darkness’ skinny dip, and a scene I would have reported there and then had I been doing the ‘Postcards’ series this time, because there’s a bit of a lovely ending to it.

The wife was very plus sized. Whether it was a bit of body consciousness, or whether it was a first time on a naturist holiday I’m not sure. I suspect the latter, because at midnight the first time I observed them, the wife emerged in a one-piece full body swimsuit, which is a naturist etiquette ‘no no’ at a naturist pool. We all accept there are people on the move where clothes are sometimes necessary -going out to the supermarket for…

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” What shapes the weather in Britain ? “

The Naked Truth.........

   DSC_1921 article-2430434-183912E900000578-588_634x355 DSC_1885

Looking out the bedroom window this morning I sense the winter is heading our way, the mornings are darker and the skies are grey. Switching the TV on BBC weather girl Carol tells us that there’s a chance of frost on higher ground and as the rains heads in from the Atlantic Summer is definitely over. With so much variation in weather here in the United Kingdom it asks the question “what really controls the weather ?

FB_IMG_14016110377924057dismal weatherDscf2238

Compared with other countries of a similar latitude the climate of England is mild and wet, due mainly to its closeness to the Atlantic ocean and the effect of the Gulf Stream. Although England has the reputation of being an extremely dreary country that is constantly inundated with rain, this is not exactly true. Yes, England has more rain than Italy and the temperature is comparatively cold, but the weather…

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Nude hiking

Naked Diaries

Like I said in my first post, the first time I ever took my clothes off outside the house was on a lawn I went past each day as I went to and from school. This is how I started out hiking in the nude. The lawn was very narrow, though quite long. I’d normally undress near a tall tree at one end, and walk the length of the lawn.

I started out walking in my shoes, short distances first, then longer, then very soon the whole length. In time, I took off my shoes and did the whole meadow naked and barefoot. I went there many times, though sometimes I’d not go there for months, or even a whole year.

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” Orwellian Flu..sick of authoritarian practices ”

The Naked Truth.........


I do so profoundly believe, that everyone should be treated the same the world over regardless of who they are or what they are. You see so many social injustices in every country these days, which make one actually wonder, if the times do actually get better or whether the same old things, just get packaged differently.I’m all for “living life simply” or to put it another way, living a life in which the things you do are not over complicated just for the sake of it or for the gains of others. Unfortunately all too often rules, regulations and procedures are changed or added to, so that it affects people’s lives and brings hardships on others, all in the pursuit of someone else’s personal gain. People should gain from working hard, but at the same time they should give back as much help to others, as the help they…

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Some of my initial fears as a nudist

Naked Diaries

I don’t know when I really started liking to be naked, but I remember that I was partly drawn to it by the sheer excitement of exploring the world by exposing my entire body to its elements.

While that is part of the truth, the other side which dragged me back (and another reason I refused to turn from my way to nudism) was the terror of being found in the midst of that exploration by someone. Back then, that “someone” were my parents.

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My first time at a nudist beach

Naked Diaries

I’ve already written about my first time at a nudist camp, but that wasn’t my first time naked in a social setting. My first visit to a nudist beach wasn’t it either, but it was the first time that I went public with it.

Two of my highschool friends and I went on a vacation together after graduating highschool. We choose Supetar at Brač as our destination. We went a couple of days on the regular beach, swimming, sunbathing, drinking cocktails, etc. One day we took a walk on the beach and accidentally stumbled on a nudist beach.

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Why I like being naked

Naked Diaries

Non-nudists tend to have misconceptions about the motivation of nudists to take off their clothes and not put any back on. However, I think everyone can relate to that great feeling of coming home from work and removing your work clothes to slip into something more comfortable. To me as a nudist, this “something more comfortable” simply means “nothing at all”. I feel comfortable in my birthday suit, thank you very much.

In this respect, being naked is in a huge way a very liberating experience. Like changing work clothes after work is almost a symbol for the coming of a relaxing part of the day, so is simply undressing.

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Naturally Nude Radio | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page

I’m not sure how long this nudist radio station has been on the air for, but they play music from the 60s to the present. With a passion for radio, the owner who is also a nudist from Central Florida followed his long-life dream to host his very own radio show/station.

Perhaps the first radio station of it’s kind I have seen, by nudists for not only nudists but for all to enjoy. The owner also likes the fact that he can work free from the clutches of wearing textiles on! who wouldn’t, if I could work clothes free, i’d be a much happier person and probably love my job better too!

A good point was left in the About Us where it was mentioned, “This will be the story of a group of incredible people who want to show the world how entertaining radio can be! Together, our past…

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