” Orwellian Flu..sick of authoritarian practices ”

The Naked Truth.........


I do so profoundly believe, that everyone should be treated the same the world over regardless of who they are or what they are. You see so many social injustices in every country these days, which make one actually wonder, if the times do actually get better or whether the same old things, just get packaged differently.I’m all for “living life simply” or to put it another way, living a life in which the things you do are not over complicated just for the sake of it or for the gains of others. Unfortunately all too often rules, regulations and procedures are changed or added to, so that it affects people’s lives and brings hardships on others, all in the pursuit of someone else’s personal gain. People should gain from working hard, but at the same time they should give back as much help to others, as the help they…

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