Why must you be a nudist?

I don’t have to be a nudist; there’s no compulsion. I don’t even have to call myself a nudist or a naturist or go by any label at all. When you ask me why I have to be a nudist, you are essentially asking me why I can’t look upon my genitals as evil, obscene, indecent and at best something that should be covered up. But I really can’t do that. I can’t look upon any part of my anatomy as obscene or evil. Even if my foot were amputated, I would not look upon the stump as evil or obscene and ought to be covered up. And if I post photos of my stump online, is it so wrong that I love my body for what it is?

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What’s Wrong With My Tits?!?

Adventures of The Nude Writer

Another one of my older poems I wanted to share.

What is exactly wrong with them anyway? I really want to know because I am so confused! #FreeTheNipple

What’s Wrong?
By The Nude Writer

What’s wrong with my tits?
Can someone explain it to me?
Why must I keep them covered up?
Why can’t they come out to play?
If it weren’t for tits, nobody would be alive
On what would babies feed?
What about the times before bottles?
And what is so evil about tits anyway?
Does anyone think they are dangerous?
How many people have been killed by tits?
Do looking at them make people go blind?
Does anyone think they are gross?
My tits aren’t gross
My tits are awesome!
What would happen if I went shopping topless?
What if I played football for the skins’ team?
Would you really arrest me?
For what crime?
If I…

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” The human body is a marvel “

The Naked Truth.........


Debunking all the myths and perceptions surrounding nudity can take an age and can create many an argument about what its called and how it should be practiced. After watching David Attenborough’s “Trials of Life” last Saturday morning, it occurred to me, that how we see ourselves is fundamentally different to how we see other mammals, birds and all other animals. In the final episode of the series Attenborough explained (and we were shown) the mating rituals of various species. It then occurred to me how upside down our human world really is. Society condemns nudity as being disgusting and the human act of making love as virtually pornography, but on these type of programmes we see animals love making as being educational.


So where do we or where should we draw the line ? For me I’d draw a line where it becomes less educational and moves closer to…

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Stepping Out

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

hontouniheart%20bw%20windowgazeI was reading a few great articles by clothes free bloggers, mainly: “A House Divided Cannot Stand – What’s Happening to the Clothes Free Community” and, “Why isn’t social nudity thriving?” as well as thought-provoking comments on those posts.

I am 2 months into my clothes free journey. As it unfolds, I feel the desireto connect with other clothes free folks in the area. At the moment, all of my clothes free connections are through social media. Certainly, it is a powerful medium; I am constantly moved and inspired by rich and inspiring exchanges that emerge from these places. At the same time, I feel a bit isolated and alone in my city. I don’t actually share the lifestyle or experience with any other humanin my vicinity.

It is wonderfulthat there are resorts, beaches and other places that are clothes free or clothing optional.

At the same time, distancecan be…

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Υoung Nudists and Young Nudism

Naturist Holidays in Europe

Young Nudists – Yes We Exist 🙂

Young nudists are becoming increasingly more common in the latest years. These types of nudists are commonly young adults that simply enjoy being one with their natural selves. Nudists are welcome to visit a variety of resorts and beaches that cater to this lifestyle, welcoming all who are interested in becoming a nudist and showing their bodies whether it is simply their preferred lifestyle or are doing so as a social movement to defend social nudity in both private and in public. While many nudists prefer to go without clothing whenever possible, the younger generation may not always be comfortable with being nude around certain individuals. Some nudist resorts now cater selectively towards younger individuals that prefer to be naked around those who are their own age.

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Skinny dipping

Naked Diaries

When I first heard the term “skinny dipping” I had no clue what it was. In fact, I hadn’t known that this was a term at all – I thought “skinny” meant “thin” and I couldn’t make any sense of what was being said.

When I saw that it was consistently being used together, I looked it up and I was quite surprised. There is no equivalent term in my language – we simply call it “swimming naked”. Yes, “swimming”. And it makes more sense because when we go in the water naked, we usually go for a swim and not just to “dip”.

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“ Seasons will pass you By “

The Naked Truth.........

photo 4photo 2

“Seasons will pass you By “

British summertime officially ends today(right now in fact) as the UK’s clocks go back an hour,while we sleep and we resume daylight saving time once more.With the end of summer, comes a change of season and a change in mood and outlook. Autumnal times bring an end to the growing seasons and as the days grow darker and leaves fall we remember the summers of yesterday and the dreams of our youth. Seasons change every year and very little actually changes year on year but as we grow older our views and feelings change a lot and in turn our lives move on.  The four seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn) have a huge impact on how we lead our daily lives. This ranges from the food we eat, the drinks we drink, the clothes we wear or don’t wear and the activities we take…

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Scars – How I overcame my insecurities by going naked

So Bad Ass

Hellooooo it is good to be back! Timm and I have been on our second honeymoon, a week in Lanzarote and we had a blummin’ brilliant time!

The weather was amazing and so I had to deal with the insecurities of going on the beach and having my scars on display.  Now if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I am not a wallflower when it comes to showing off my scars and ostomy from all the photo shoots I have done.

But I do these for a reason, I want to raise awareness of IBD and lessen the stigma of having an ostomy or lots of scars from surgeries.  Being photographed by talented husband Timm and then editing the images and sharing online reduces the panic in showing the world my entirely imperfect body as it is not a face to face interaction.

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