” Naturism for South Africa ! “

The Naked Truth.........


South African National Naturist Association – SANNA together with Kwazulu Natal Naturist Association – KZNNA and Western Cape Naturist Association – WCNA have approach Hibiscus Coastal Municipality – HCM with request to declare Mpenjati Beach in Port Edward on South Coast of Kwazulu Natal Province a first official naturist beach in South Africa.

Beside attending public debate that was organised by HCM, numerous media interviews and posts on Facebook and other networking sites we have created online Petition in support of this initiative.

So far we have 173 signatures on our petition. So we have increased the number by 100 since yesterday morning. Today, with help of INF, we are going to encourage other naturist federations to give us support.

Office of INF have sent following email to all Federation around the world:

“Dear federations,

South Africa has now the possibility to establish its first naturist beach. For that purpose it needs your support in terms of…

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