Public Bodies – nudes in the city

steve ritter

How far should we push it? Those of us who gladly shed our clothes for art, or for the causes in which we believe, or simply for the joy of it – how far do we take our nudity in public? We don’t set out to cause offence, and we don’t believe the naked human form is intrinsically offensive anyway, yet we know people get upset at the sight of it. This can be felt at a deep personal level, not merely the reflection-by-rote of religious or societal conventions. So how far should we push it?

The question was brought into fresh focus when photographer Matt Granger posted his call-out on 9 August for participants to join a group photo shoot in central London. There would be something of a guerilla approach to the work; a literal flash mob. We would turn up unannounced, strip off en masse in some…

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