Stepping Out

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

hontouniheart%20bw%20windowgazeI was reading a few great articles by clothes free bloggers, mainly: “A House Divided Cannot Stand – What’s Happening to the Clothes Free Community” and, “Why isn’t social nudity thriving?” as well as thought-provoking comments on those posts.

I am 2 months into my clothes free journey. As it unfolds, I feel the desireto connect with other clothes free folks in the area. At the moment, all of my clothes free connections are through social media. Certainly, it is a powerful medium; I am constantly moved and inspired by rich and inspiring exchanges that emerge from these places. At the same time, I feel a bit isolated and alone in my city. I don’t actually share the lifestyle or experience with any other humanin my vicinity.

It is wonderfulthat there are resorts, beaches and other places that are clothes free or clothing optional.

At the same time, distancecan be…

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