Let The Adventure Begin!

Adventures of The Nude Writer

It's Me

Greetings everyone!

My name is Sophie and I am a nudist! (Or a Naturist)

No matter what you call me, the main point is that I hate wearing clothes. I have never liked wearing clothes. My favorite state is to be completely naked. And I have always felt this way. This is NOT a sexual thing, this is a way of living a natural life.

I was born the middle of three girls. My father was a traveling professor of literature. Because of his career we moved around a lot and never stayed in one place very long. Sometimes (more often actually) he would leave my mother and sisters at home and he would travel from school to school, sometimes for weeks at a time. Because it was just us girls at home, my mother didn’t feel we should be required to wear clothes. (Very smart mother) We weren’t “Nudists”…

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