Reply from the Naked Prisoner

Ian H Powell

I’ve just received a response from Stephen Gough.  Recently I was moved to hear about the ongoing incarceration of the Naked Rambler who has been in prison for over ten years now, three in solitary confinement, with immediate arrest following each release because despite warnings, he immediately undressed on principle.  He has even removed all his clothes in court to defend the right to be naturally naked.

The pictures above show how time and incarceration have affected him.  I wrote to him in prison and today I feel moved to have received a reply… excerpts of which I include here:

Dear Ian,

Thanks for your letter.

Yeah, it’s amazing what you find out about a country, or indeed a person, when you put their words or reputation to the test.  My eyes have been opened for sure.

What I’ve come to realise in this little adventure is… the problem is very…

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