Nudists Obsessed With Sex?

All Nudist

All-Nudist has MOVED!  Please go there!

Would it be fair to say that the general population sees nudists/naturists as a bunch of people with hormones out of control?  After all, we do tend to run around naked in groups, so we must be screwing each other all of the time, right?

Well, some of us are, to be sure, but mostly no more so than people everywhere.  To a large part we separate nudity from sexuality, but we still get the bad rep.  Nudity equals sex and sex is bad, dontcha know!

On the other hand, it’s considered perfectly normal for the textile world to use nudity as a sexual tool for everything from selling products to providing titillating entertainment.  Show as much as you dare, but not too much, except sometimes when it’s ok.  News stories about nude people are fine, actual nude people are…

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