Nudity and freedom

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In a recent post we found that the concept of “freedom” is quite important in thinking about naturism and nudity. This is rather uncontroversial (among naturists, anyhow). “Freedom” (from clothes) is often cited by naturists as one of the most important aspects of naturism. Freedom from clothes is often viewed more generally as the “freedom to be oneself” ? to be able to enjoy life the way we want to, and to not be constrained by conventional social stereotypes that specific types of clothing imply. By not wearing clothes, we avoid having to accept a stereotype that any choice might imply. And further, that by choosing not to wear clothes, we reject stereotypes such as “exhibitionist” or “loose moral character”.

This is going to be a long post. If you just want to see the conclusions without the reasoning behind them, you can skip to the end. But you…

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” Studies on Naturism “

The Naked Truth.........

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The biggest hurdle for people to over come with regards to nudity and naturism really  is it seems,in their own heads and hidden under their own insecurities.In life there are many ways of insulating and shutting down the process of a natural normal human life. One is money,but another prominent method is to shut down through the need for clothing. It isn’t the actual wearing of clothing that is the problem, it is the need for the clothing as in they cannot do without clothing because they need it as a mask.


People say, “it doesn’t worry me if I have my clothes on or off.” That is great if it is really true. How would it feel going naked to work or naked in public? What impact would that have on you? How worried would you be about the way people would judge you? People need to look…

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