Nudity and freedom

Naturist Philosopher

In a recent post we found that the concept of “freedom” is quite important in thinking about naturism and nudity. This is rather uncontroversial (among naturists, anyhow). “Freedom” (from clothes) is often cited by naturists as one of the most important aspects of naturism. Freedom from clothes is often viewed more generally as the “freedom to be oneself” ? to be able to enjoy life the way we want to, and to not be constrained by conventional social stereotypes that specific types of clothing imply. By not wearing clothes, we avoid having to accept a stereotype that any choice might imply. And further, that by choosing not to wear clothes, we reject stereotypes such as “exhibitionist” or “loose moral character”.

This is going to be a long post. If you just want to see the conclusions without the reasoning behind them, you can skip to the end. But you…

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” Studies on Naturism “

The Naked Truth.........

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The biggest hurdle for people to over come with regards to nudity and naturism really  is it seems,in their own heads and hidden under their own insecurities.In life there are many ways of insulating and shutting down the process of a natural normal human life. One is money,but another prominent method is to shut down through the need for clothing. It isn’t the actual wearing of clothing that is the problem, it is the need for the clothing as in they cannot do without clothing because they need it as a mask.


People say, “it doesn’t worry me if I have my clothes on or off.” That is great if it is really true. How would it feel going naked to work or naked in public? What impact would that have on you? How worried would you be about the way people would judge you? People need to look…

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Naked Poetry – Standing Tall

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Standing Tall Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Darkness weighs the soul,
Pulling it down into the bowels of a subterranean darkness
Where eyes can no longer see the self, or see other.
All is formless, shadowy in its embrace of nothingness.

In the darkness light
Like a sword pierces a bloated corpse releasing toxic,
Noxious vapours that anesthetize spirit.
A single ray of light that pulls the soul up from its knees.

Like a seed buried in dank, dark soil
Light wakens its heart, daring the seed
To emerge and grow to the light
Stretching as tall as possible towards
The light of life though knowing that
Life is but a season in praise of light.

Uncurling from the foetal ball
Emerging into the light of life
Uncurling from fear and doubt like a young tree
Daring to be
I rise to stand tall in the light as naked as I was born

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Naked Poetry – Ego Masquerading As God

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Ego Masquerading as God Ego Masquerading as God

Ego Masquerading As God

Riding the wind
with no knowledge of destination
only that there was a beginning
and that at some unknown time
there will be an ending of this journey
but not really and ending
as the soul is outside of time.

Moments of calm settle the soul
into human form, sometimes as man
sometimes as woman, a brief time
before another stirring into
another time-limited edition
in another body.

Soul comes from somewhere
and returns there a timeless and formless
and egoless presence.
But for a brief span
in the body of a woman or man
ego claims dominion and
proclaims itself god.

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Standing Naked Before God

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Standing Naked Before God                        Standing Naked Before God

Standing Naked Before God

Sewing fig leaves without needle or thread
Desperate to hide shameful nakedness
What was good is now evil
Being made in the author’s image
And ashamed of being in that image

And the author laments
Paradise lost for his creation
Yet promises paradise’s return
When shame is overcome
A paradise where no needles
Or thread, or fig leaves
Will conspire to hide creation
Conspire to deceive the creator

Standing erect
In the author’s image
Radiating light in darkness
Standing naked
Before God

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