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I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I can’t stop myself from walking around the house barefoot. In fact, just today I took out the trash with no shoes on and it’s negative three degrees Celsius out there! There’s something awesome about pushing my body to (my) extremes and see how it deals.

This began when I decided I’d go barefoot around the house for a day, just to see how that would feel… Actually, this very idea started brewing in my head when I saw one of the videos on YouTube with Tim Minchin (whose work I started admiring when I stumbled upon his poem Storm, shortly after which I saw Matilda the Musical on Broadway and decided I still admired his work, which led me to the said YouTube video) performing on stage barefoot. I looked up if he ever said why he performed barefoot, and…

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Please stop appealing to nature

Naked Diaries

One of the most common arguments for virtually anything today goes “it’s natural”. For a food, they say it has 100% natural ingredients and everybody assumes it’s healthy, just because it’s natural. In case of nudism, proponents say it’s natural, or that it brings them closer to nature (hence, I assume, the alternative name “naturism”).

The scale on which this particular argument is used with just about anything makes me assume – the very moment I hear it – that everything that preceded it, and everything which follows, is absolute bollocks.

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” the end of the beginning “

The Naked Truth.........

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning” (Winston Churchill © 1942)

1698263-siscokid_3_pHouses of Parliament

Times nearly up…well days and days of free time anyway as it looks as if I’ve found myself a job. After the best part of four years I’m starting training/job next week just as my savings are running out. Unfortunately it’s not what I’d hoped for exactly but in this David Cameron Conservative led Austerity poisoned era, I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. I hope that I’ll still be able to post from time to time maybe still once a week but until I know the exact hours etc everything is a bit up in the air.

05052010David Cameron and Nick Clegg cartoon

Typically for the very first time the job centre has actually offered me training  with a chance of a job at the end, but as this job is…

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Whose business is it?

The family and I_opt

I have had numerous people accuse me of being dishonest about other members of my family also participating in the naturist/nudist lifestyle because in all my pictures I am the only one nude and they are all wearing clothing of some sort.

1) It shouldn’t matter one way or another if I share pictures of them participating in the lifestyle with me or not, you should just take my word for it even though it isn’t really any of your business to begin with.

2) I do not take or allow others to take any nudes of my daughter due to legal reasons but if you dig around my profile enough you will find the strong evidence that she does not only participate in it she defends me and the lifestyle.

3) Although, yes, I do have nudes of my wife and I, she has requested that I do not share any of them without her permission so due to the tremendous amount of respect and the deep love I have for her I do not share them. Again like our daughter if you dig through my profile enough you will find the proof that she does indeed participate in the lifestyle as well.

4) My son and his significant other are not nudist at all but are accepting of it to the point that they do not mind me or anyone else being nude around them. The way they participate or show support for me and the lifestyle is they are both willing and have taken numerous photos of me where I am nude and have even been in photos with me where they are clothed and I am not.

Now please bear in mind while I am almost militant about the lifestyle, ie: I will be nude whenever I believe I can get away with it and if I am home then I will be nude, they will not. They are more like the when in Rome type of nudist, ie: they will usually only be nude at resorts or other social occasions where nudity is the norm.

I am proud that my family accepts me and are participants in the lifestyle in one way or another even if they do not get nude or do not get nude as often as I do.
Any questions?

” The Great Unwashed “

The Naked Truth.........

School  photo 1showering

Some time ago I mentioned the fact that many children in the UK don’t think personal hygiene is that important and as a result most don’t shower at school after physical education P.E. like we did or had too when we were at school over 30 years ago. More than half of secondary school boys and two-thirds of girls never shower after PE, a study suggests. The paper, in the European Journal of Sports Sciences, concludes pupils who do not shower are less active.

TEJS essexbuildingweb - public health england

The researchers, from the University of Essex, say children may be holding back in PE lessons because of anxiety about showering. Public Health England says schools have an important role to play in shifting attitudes to encourage physical activity. This study says showering routinely after PE is extremely rare All had hot working showers in male and female changing rooms. The researchers say children may…

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Dream Canyon in Colorado

Active Naturists

naturist 0008 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

We had a very short hike last summer in Dream Canyon, west of Boulder, Colorado, but it was clear why it was called so – breath-taking views awaited us there, and to add some more dreamy atmosphere, we hiked in the buff.

Dream Canyon has a bit of history of nude outdoor recreation probably thanks to the fact that it’s somewhat complicated to navigate there while also being close to Boulder, one of the hippest cities in America whose dwellers love outdoors. It took us a while to find a convenient parking lot with numerous trails coming down. 

view 0000 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

At first, the beauty of the canyon was  concealed by the pine forest. We took one of the least used trails, and after just a few minutes of pretty steep descent

naturist 0001 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

we got to an open space with the view over the canyon.

naturist 0007 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

But not only the majestic views impressed me, it was interesting to see…

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