Naked Poetry Three – The Photo Plan

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Michelangelo's Adam Michelangelo’s Adam

Well, the research has yielded desired results for the poetry book yet to be written. The book begins with the creation of man who is naked, unconscious of his nakedness, and without shame. Not long after creation, he becomes wounded, and so begins his journey into consciousness, a journey that spans the life of every man though not every man dares to make the journey, choosing instead to remain as unconscious as possible.

With that journey told, a second journey needs to be followed, that of the journey of every woman as she moves from blind innocence into the fullness of her innate wisdom of life.  She leaves childhood to become a virginal woman, falls into love, has her eyes begin to see the truth of her lover, and then of herself.

The third journey is that of a couple, the journey from Romantic Love into stark reality…

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