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School  photo 1showering

Some time ago I mentioned the fact that many children in the UK don’t think personal hygiene is that important and as a result most don’t shower at school after physical education P.E. like we did or had too when we were at school over 30 years ago. More than half of secondary school boys and two-thirds of girls never shower after PE, a study suggests. The paper, in the European Journal of Sports Sciences, concludes pupils who do not shower are less active.

TEJS essexbuildingweb - public health england

The researchers, from the University of Essex, say children may be holding back in PE lessons because of anxiety about showering. Public Health England says schools have an important role to play in shifting attitudes to encourage physical activity. This study says showering routinely after PE is extremely rare All had hot working showers in male and female changing rooms. The researchers say children may…

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