” Planning Ahead “

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With winter ravaging outside we move slowly into February and suddenly realise that Spring is just around the corner. Its at times like these we look to getting away and the fun we’ll have getting away during the year. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a practicing nudist or naturist are opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors unhampered by wearing clothing. Nude camping is one pleasurable way to experience nature in the most natural way. Nude camping on public lands – While there are lots of public camping facilities in England, nude camping on public lands is a risky proposition. While perhaps it is possible to enjoy being nude outdoors in forests and woods, it definitely would not be a first option. Having to be continually vigilant to guard against being observed by other users or law enforcement officers would definitely make an outing less than ideal.


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Benefits of social nudity: finding something good that’s missing from your life

Naturist Philosopher


Ordinary life, for most people, is missing something very good: being naked, for its own sake, while doing something enjoyable with people you like. Because most people seldom, if ever, experience that, they aren’t even aware of what they are missing. Most people who enjoy social nudity say they like it just because “it feels good.” But there’s really more to it than that.

Everyone has experienced nudity in ritualized activities like bathing and sex. However, quite apart from that, nudity is a normal, natural human state that is pleasurable in and of itself. Once an individual experiences this state in routine, everyday situations ? especially social situations ? wanting to enjoy nudity for its own sake makes a lot of sense ? unless inhibitions conditioned by society interfere. When this inhibition occurs routinely, a valuable part of human experience goes missing.

Here’s a thought experiment. Think of what it…

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” Naturist or Nudist ? “

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While some people make distinctions between the terms naturist and nudist, for all practical purposes in the United Kingdom, the words are used interchangeably to describe the same culture and lifestyle.

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Ambiguity of terms can cause Confusion – If asked, just about anyone in England would likely be able to explain what being a nudist means (or at least what they think it means). Yet far fewer might know (or think they know) what being a naturist means. Some might even confuse the term naturist with the term naturalist, which according to one definition found in The Free Dictionary means – “A person who specialises in natural history, especially in the study of plants and animals in their natural surroundings.” It’s perfectly natural that there is sometimes confusion among folk when it comes to the meaning of the term naturist since it is relatively new in this…

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Naked Nature Walk

Naturist Fab

At the end of summer last year my partner and I went for a walk in the wooded trails not too far from home.

We found an area where we could park the car and set off. I had brought my backpack along and decided to get undressed. I was a bit nervous but felt exhilarated once I had removed my clothing. I think my partner was more nervous than I in case we got caught.

After about 10 minutes into our walk we came about a stream. I decided to take off my boots and dip my feet in the water. Even though it was late summer the water was very cold. I had considered sitting in the water but thought better of it.

I put on my boots again and we continued on our way back to the car. We never came across anybody else during our walk…

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