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If you are curious about naturism and want to give it a try, I originally wrote this as a step-by-step guide to how to become a naturist.

Step 1: Take off all your clothes.

Step 2: Enjoy yourself!

That’s it really……well, I guess there’s more to say than that.  To me, being a naturist is about being naked and enjoying it.  But if you’re new to it, maybe you need to hear more.

So if you want to be a naturist…

First, just give it a try.  See how you feel about nudity as a casual thing, as a way of being which can be normal to you.


Look to your home environment first.

If you live alone, there is no real reason for you to wear clothes ever if you don’t want to.  You don’t have to worry about privacy or offending others.  So just consider ditching your…

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Talking With “Non-Nudists” – Friends, Family,…

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Talking With “Non-Nudists” – Friends, Family, Reluctant Spouses, Future Partners

Recently, someone asked me, “How do you talk to non-nudists about social nudity?”  It can be a slippery slope, but I’ve always felt that no topic should be “taboo” if it is discussed in an informed, educated, and well articulated manner.  Perhaps you want to discuss social nudity with friends, family, reluctant spouses / partners, someone you are dating, or even fellow nudists.

I came up with a list of my “Top Ten” ideas / rules that I personally employ when speaking with non-nudists and thought I would share them.  They aren’t listed in any particular order, so depending on who you are talking with, you might want to reorder or tailor to your own conversation.  After approximately 30 years of adopting a nudist lifestyle and learning to discuss it with non-nudists, these are the points I have found most…

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” Is Naturism legal ? “

The Naked Truth.........

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The law is always debated when naturism is concerned and rightly and wrongly people come to different conclusions but here is what the Crown Prosecution Services have to say on the subject :

What is ‘Naturism’?

Naturism is used to describe the activities of persons who espouse nudity as part of their lifestyle. Whilst many naturists will restrict their activities to specially designated areas and/or places where there is a tradition of naked activity, such as nudist beaches, others may wish to enjoy nudity more widely. In the case of naturism a balance needs to be struck between the naturist’s right to freedom of expression and the right of the wider public to be protected from harassment, alarm and distress.

SAM_0601 Crown-court

Recommended approach to naturism

Although every case should be considered according to its own facts and merits in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors a consistent approach to…

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Boys & Girls, School Showers – update

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Originally posted on May 6, 2008  (All-Nudist has MOVED to ALL-NUDIST.COM)

  No, I’m not advocating co-ed showers, so relax (just lost  a bunch of Google porn searchers there.  Off to muddier pastures, guys!).

This is kind of brain twister that has long intrigued me.  Let’s have some fun.

OK, boys and girls shower separately because they might be sexually stimulated by seeing each other nude, right?  So, what if there’s a gay guy in the boy’s shower, shouldn’t he be excluded for that reason?   Same goes for a lesbian in the girl’s shower, right?

So we put the gay guy in with the girls so he isn’t attracted to them but, the girls might enjoy looking at him.  Right again?  Same with the lesbian in the boy’s shower.  Hmm.  Can’t do that.

Now, we can’t put the gay guys together, nor the lesbians, that would NOT be…

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Bell Acres plans Grand reopening with English style Pub

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

Bell Acres resort located within a three hour drive from Georgia’s larger metro areas is unde new ownership planning a Grand reopening Apri 11 2015. (1 hr 15 mins fromAtlanta 50 mins fromAthens)

Bell Acres Resort Grand Reopening ..

We are planning a Grand Opening on 11th of April 2015, we are transforming the club house into the Bell and Whistle, English Style pub, where you will be able to enjoy a BYOB drink and great company. We are also planning to heat the largest nude pool in Georgia and the shower blocks are being renovated.The 15 people hot tub is open weekends in the winter and the 45 minute walk through the natural woods around the nature trail is a delight any time of year.

read more on the Bell Acres Resort website

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MI clothes free meet and greet this weekend

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

3rd Saturday , 4 to 11 p.m. , in February, March, and April. (Feb. 21, March 21, April 18) MEET & GREET, ANN ARBOR, MI This Meet & Greet for the Washtenaw Skinnydippers and The Spiritual Naturists is free and open to any interested naturist. The event is January 31 from 4 to 11 p.m. at the ICC Education Center, 1522 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is just west of Washtenaw Ave. The Ed Center is BEHIND two ICC Residential Houses. I will have a sign out front.

Primary purpose of the events is connection or community building. Through our growing connections, secondary goals can be worked on and realized. Such goals will be an increase in fun events and an expansion of the civil right to be free of state clothing requirements particularly on the public beaches and waters of Michigan (starting with Washtenaw County).

Agenda is fluid…

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Are You A “Samaritan”?

Struggles of a Christian Naturist

Every church has its share of “Samaritans“, people who don’t quite “fitin“. No, I am not talking about people from the territory of Samaria in Israel. I am talking about people who, for whatever reason, don’t conform to the “norm” in the church.

The first-century people of Samaria were part of the children of Israel, but they didn’t “fit-in“. They didn’t worship in the temple in Jerusalem. They didn’t always wash their hands when they were “supposed to“. They had rejected all the nit-picky rules of the Scribes and Pharisees, and, in the case of the woman to the well, they hadn’t tossed her out of the community just because she had been married and divorced five times and was living with another man out of wedlock. The Jews would have stoned her, but Jesus met her with…

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