Naked selfies: Another view

Maybe I am just old as well but I have a different perspective about the sharing of nude selfies or nude pictures of me taken by other folks. I think it is fine and no longer fear the retribution I once did when I hid who and what I am. They cannot blackmail me with something I choose to allow to be known by every person on the face of the earth. Could it take away chances in the job market place? Sure it could. but it could just as well open up other venues for gainful employment. The term, where one door closes another one opens

the sl naturist

I’ve had an exceptionally satisfying few naturist days in SL. St. Patrick’s day dances, new friends made, the Holi Festival, and caught up on some of the backlog of posts planned. And it’s not over yet. I’ve got today and tomorrow before I go back to work! Hooray! Another 48 hours living SL.

Before I move on with some other posts, let’s backtrack a little.

Last week I posed the question as to whether women are becoming more comfortable with their bodies. It was a debate that then opened up a little both here at SL Naturist and on Hontouniheart’s blog ‘Penguin Love’, as well as being re-blogged elsewhere. I then moved on to note that Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Again, re-blogged several times. A third post examined the issues around ‘Revenge Porn’.

In those posts, I expressed a little concern at the phenomenon for posting naked…

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