Logan the Pen Dragon

My Religion is Creationist Naturism (C-N’ism), and I follow the spiritual discipline of The Path of Light, hence, I am a C-Naturist (C-N’ist) Disciple of Light.  Christian Naturism is similar, and Christian Naturists may, also, for the sake of brevity be called C-N’ists.  Pertinent to the subject of this essay is the fact that both Creationist and Christian Naturists practice casual public nudity amongst their peers.  The Social Majority, especially Mainstream Christians and other Religious Majorities, whom Naturists in general refer to as “Textiles” (i.e. People who choose to cover their nakedness with variable clothing), readily judge nudity in a Public forum as being sinfulper se.  the question is: is it truly a sin to be naked in Public settings?  What does the Bible teach us about casual Public nudity?  To understand biblical teachings on casual &/or Public nudity, we must understand the Scriptures in…

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