It’s never too late for any nudist to speak up.

Clothing Optional

Hey friends,

Your nudist friend Buck again. Ok so I just came home from college to spend Easter with my family. Tonight, I looked for something to watch in our old VHS collection at home (Yes, we still have plenty of VCRs and VHS tapes around my house, don’t judge me!), and I came across one of these movies we got from my great aunt’s collection of movies when she died – a funny ‘80s comedy film called “Big Business”, starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin. And it’s about these two sets of twins who got mixed up when they were born – one set are rich presidents of a huge business firm in New York, and the other in a family of good, blue-collar workers in rural West Virginia. So this big business the NY sisters run plans to liquidate the local furniture factory in this small town just…

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