This Could Be the Year, Keep on the Bright Side

Clothing Optional

nudist revolution movement

Hey friends,

It’s Buck, your good nudist friend. I have been thinking about nudist resorts, and some people in clothed society outside do not always agree on the establishment of these places. A lot of people think nudity is shameful and just out gross. A lot of people think being naked is inappropriate behavior. Why? I don’t understand why exposing the true, natural human body has become so taboo. It does not have to be.

Even though I did not grow up a nudist, spending more and more time naked just helped me realize how great it feels to not have to wear anything and not have to be ashamed of who I truly am. I never regret my initial decision on becoming a nudist/naturist, and so far, a lot of people have supported my decision. Since I came out to my aunt who used to belong to a nudist…

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