Naturist or Exhibitionist?

Naturist Fab

I came across a Tweet today and had to respond via this Blog as I am restricted to 140 characters on Twitter.

This Tweet came from a Naturist Group stating that true nudists don’t have to post pics of their genitals to prove they are nudists.

I don’t know about you but I am certainly getting mixed signals in the online world of naturism. Certain Blogs I follow state that we should not be ashamed of who we are and to embrace our nakedness and dismiss any true nudist/naturists that cut off their heads in photos. Many would consider this more exhibitionistic than just showing full body pictures.

Is there a need for me to show myself fully naked and exposed? If it is in context to what I am blogging or tweeting, than why not add a photo? Would my picture be better if I had my legs crossed…

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