Laying It Bare: Nude Beaches, Broadcasters, and Body Shaming

Lucia Lorenzi

It’s the start of the new year, and, as with every year, the body-shaming weight-loss parade is well at work in our society. The bookstore displays are laden with every diet plan possible; the dieters are beginning their journey down many of the promises they’ve made themselves year after year (promises, which, by the way, function poorly when they derive from shame and self-hatred); the television is abuzz with shiny deals on diet plans and gym memberships.

Body-shaming season is in full force.

But there’s something more insidious going on. It’s not just that we, as a society, as producers and consumers of media, and as networks of individuals, are shaming those bodies which are not perfectly toned and fabulously styled: we are waging war on ALL bodies. We are attempting to erase the body (the sensuous, moving, functioning, glorious body) from existence.

Here’s what I mean.

No less than…

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Broken Barriers: Feeling Free

Naturist Fab

When I participated in the Clothes Free Poetry Challenge I presented something that was very sensitive to me and what I had been going through for a long time.

As many of you know in reading my Blog I have only been a naturist for the past 4 years. In those years because my husband is not a naturist I was feeling shame and guilt being naked around him. I would be alone in my studio and paint in the nude or even sneak times when he would meditate just to be nude. The only other time would be when we would go to the nude beach and relax with other like-minded people around and feeling content while John stayed in his t-shirt and underwear. When we were together I would likely wear a robe so that I would not feel uncomfortable. It was difficult and finally I decided that…

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Blue Hue | The Naturist Page – Video By: BMCTV

The Naturist Page

A story of a woman in the mountains of Snowdonia connected to nature who loves to feel the elements of nature in her mind and her body. She loves the sensation of not just the cold, but cold water in the mountains; to leave everything behind to appreciate the little things that you would feel tedious. However, she gets the feeling of being alive in the cold; cold water. I find she, in her mind is she loves to be connected to nature nude — While others find it strange that she does this, she feels free, and free-er where she says she feels natural… a way of feeling of being alive. Though some others may find that sensation of being alive in other ways. Regardless, to me she is a true inspirational woman to others who are still locked in that closet struggling to embrace the natural and true beauty of being yourself…

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Constant Nudity.No matter how we look at it or think about it,…

Nudie News

Constant Nudity.

No matter how we look at it or think about it, nudity won’t go away. It can’t because it’s a constant part of our lives. When we leave it out, things don’t add up.

When we put nudity back in, we find more things balancing that didn’t before. Most apparently we see a shift for the better in ourselves and how we interact with others and in nature.

Nudity brings back a sense of oneness. We see ourselves more positively. We feel more at ease with who we are and are able to take back control of our self-image.

The stresses we felt before about how to dress and present ourselves becomes less of a priority. We are less likely to judge others by how they look and are less likely to be judged ourselves.  This allows us to focus on strengthening our relations with friends and social…

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