Laying It Bare: Nude Beaches, Broadcasters, and Body Shaming

Lucia Lorenzi

It’s the start of the new year, and, as with every year, the body-shaming weight-loss parade is well at work in our society. The bookstore displays are laden with every diet plan possible; the dieters are beginning their journey down many of the promises they’ve made themselves year after year (promises, which, by the way, function poorly when they derive from shame and self-hatred); the television is abuzz with shiny deals on diet plans and gym memberships.

Body-shaming season is in full force.

But there’s something more insidious going on. It’s not just that we, as a society, as producers and consumers of media, and as networks of individuals, are shaming those bodies which are not perfectly toned and fabulously styled: we are waging war on ALL bodies. We are attempting to erase the body (the sensuous, moving, functioning, glorious body) from existence.

Here’s what I mean.

No less than…

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